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Flow to request

  1. Contact us by e-mail or phone.
  2. Listen to the details contents, then we present schedule and quote.
  3. Payment by transfer or cash.
  4. Procedure start.

Flow of travel procedure

  1. According to the schedule, Treatment, inspection etc. at partner animal hospitals, house calls or family veterinarian.
  2. Determination of air mail and preparation of necessary gauges. (consultation is available)
  3. We prepare necessary documentation, then apply for export to the animal quarantine station about one week before the date of departure.
  4. You take quarantine for export at the airport on the day of traveling day (or day before). You bring the pets and the documents. It will take about 30 minutes. In addition, England, Australia etc. treat pets are handled as cargo, customs clearance is handled by customs brokers. Introductions of agencies are possible.
  5. To overseas! !

  • For countries that need to apply for importation abroad, we advise on the application method and introduce the agency.
  • We advice you the way to receive pets abroad, and also give advice about your return home.
  • For short-term trips we also apply for returning to Japan at the same time.

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