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Inspections etc. is over, can you create only a documents?

Schedule management, documents are important for export business. If it is found near the time of departure about what you were doing wrong, it may be impossible to repair. Therefore, if you can, please leave it to us from the first point.
However, if you present a proof of animal hospital issuance and inspection contents, if there is no problem, we can prepare the document and support.

What is the difference with other companies?

As veterinarian with experience of importing and exporting work will directly support, we will advise as much as possible about physical condition uneasiness at the time of pet traveling, animal hospital information on the local place, lifestyle advice etc. as much as possible.
Should I consult a local animal hospital when I get sick abroad? What can you do at home? We will also respond to requests such as wanting English medical certificate.

What is the charge system?

1. How far the treatment / inspection has been completed?
2. Somewhere exporting country?
3. Whether there is a return home?
4. What course would you like?
5. What is your area of residence?
Since conditions are different depending on customers, we will present the estimated amount accordingly.

What is the difference in 3 procedures?

Procedures by partner animal hospitals:
Pay the necessary injections, inspection fee, document preparation fee, support fee in bulk to this clinic. We will do it after consulting with the customers such as reservation of animal hospital visit day, so you don't need to contact the animal hospital.

Procedures by house calls:
Our clinic veterinarian will do with all responsibility. The necessary treatment and examination is handled by our clinic veterinarian on a visit. Certainly, you can relieve because you can talk directly with us. Usually we can do procedure with about three visits.
Possible area of House calls : Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba etc., Kanto area.
Regarding transportation fee, we will charge actual costs.

Procedures by family veterinarian:
Injection and inspection fee is deferent on your family animal hospital. Please pay the document preparation fee, and support fee to our clinic. We prepare a schedules, and according to it, customers should take necessary treatment at family animal hospital. We prepare a certificate that necessary to describe at the animal hospital, customer is please get a signature from the family veterinarian to it.

What is the charge other than quotation?

Transportation cost to the airport on the day (Pet taxi can be introduced)
Carry cage(Advice on size etc)
Foreign quarantine costs
Customs clearance fee (UK, Australia etc.)
Transportation expenses etc. to go to partner animal hospitals

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