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Operating Company

Company Name Colza Co., Ltd.
Head Office 〒305-0883
14-10-C, Midorinohigashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan
Establishment date January 29, 2019
Capital stock 5,000,000 Yen
Business contents ・Animal medical service
・Management of animal hospitals
・Pet Overseas Travel Procedure Agency
・Coordinate domestic and overseas travel with pets
・Operation of animal traveling community by Internet etc.
・Planning and lecture on seminars related to animal travel and animal health
・Planning, production and sale of pet foods, supplements, pet supplies
・Pet sitter, pet hotel, pet trimming business and management
Managing Director Tsunetoshi Ando
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Omiya Branch
The Saitamaken Shinkin Bank, Yono Branch

Introduction of Veterinarian and Staff

Director / Dr.:Chiho Matsumoto

Career Graduated from Azabu University
Animal quarantine station work history:3 years
Veterinary hospital work history:10 years

Mascot Dog:Nanoha

Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke

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